The New Culture Forum THE WEST – Episode 2 – The Christian Revolution

The West is the New Culture Forum’s landmark six-part documentary series exploring the history, achievements and genius of Western civilisation. Inspired by legendary TV programmes such as Civilisation, Kenneth Clark’s 1969 masterpiece, The West is a bold reminder of who we are — and why our culture is worth defending.

Episode 2: The Christian Revolution “These that have turned the world upside-down are come hither also!” In Episode 2, Marc Sidwell traces the influence of Christianity on the West, from its shocking arrival in Europe, to its encounter with Roman power and its adoption by the post-Roman barbarian world of the Franks and Saxons. The importance of women in spreading the faith gets particular attention – from Saint Photina to Queen Bertha of Kent and the remarkable story of Bathilde, slave turned liberator. Christianity’s revolutionary doctrines emphasised individual choice in line with god-given reason, and a spirit of moral equality that raised up the low and the weak – transforming Western society.

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Episode 2: The Christian Revolution

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In six 30-40 minute episodes, The West offers a brand new, panoramic account of our extraordinary, unconventional civilisation. This is the great, and still unfolding adventure of Western civilisation: who we are and why it matters, retold for a new generation.

The West is written and presented by Marc Sidwell, Senior Fellow at the New Culture Forum and author of the NCF’s critically acclaimed book: “The Long March: How the Left Won the Culture War and What To Do About it”.

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