Sotogrande International School – A session with the music students

We were invited by Head of Music at the Sotogrande International School Kerry Wickersham to film a music session in the Schools Music Room.


The students had been set a project to write a song and then follow this through all the stages needed including visiting a local professional recording studio to mix and finalise their songs. We witnessed some very talented young people during the session and thought we’d let them go ahead and help with some ‘hands-on’ involvement in producing this piece by asking young Pablo to take over as our TV presenter for the day!

If you would like to listen and download any of the nine songs they produced please go to Soundcloud at the following link:

Unpredictable (Jake Beaumont)
To please you ( Fleur Webber)
Until The Sun Explodes – (Inga)
Back Again (Lauren Hidalgo)
Love and Affection (Annie White)
Good Day (Franco de Martino)
Iskra (Safina Usmanova)
Lemmings (Jack Burgess)
Princess (Bella Strauli)