Heresies Ep. 9- The Left’s Battle with the White Working Class – Labour’s New Class War

Heresies Ep. 9- The Left’s Battle with the White Working Class – Labour’s New Class War

The New Culture Forum proudly presents “Labour’s New Class War: The Left’s Battle with the Working Class”, the ninth episodes in our acclaimed “Heresies” documentary series. “Labour’s New Class War” is written & presented by Michael Collins, the George Orwell Prize winning author of “Likes of Us: A Biography of the White Working Class”.

The compassion the Labour party once had for its traditional supporters borders on contempt a century on from its birth. This trend has festered for decades. It was confined to those of the British white working class but is now directed towards anyone who does not toe the party line on particular issues. Minority topics have replaced pressing issues once synonymous with the party and beneficial to the nation. Labour spent years highlighting these. In government it made headway in tackling them: housing, education, health, employment.

In the modern Labour party this come a poor second behind facile themes central to Identity Politics. It seems more concerned with toppling statues on streets rather than stopping the crime that happens on those streets. And so for the first time in its history Labour is the party of middle-class graduates and professionals. It’s now the party of London’s affluent middle class and poorer ethnic minorities. Can Labour once again become a party for the many rather than the few?

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