Heresies Ep. 8- The War on Our History – A Cultural Revolution

Heresies Ep. 8- The War on Our History – A Cultural Revolution

History is a major battleground in the culture wars. Our past is being weaponised in the most cynical of ways. Heroes like Winston Churchill have been marginalised and recast as pantomime villains. Education, the media, the arts, indeed all our institutions, routinely judge our country by its very worst historical moments. Meanwhile, all that is great and good is either glossed over or expunged completely. Put simply, the revolutionary impulse to destroy has all but conquered the instinct to conserve.

What can we do to reverse this situation? In “The War on Our History”, episode 8 of our acclaimed documentary series, Dr. Philip Kiszely, a lecturer in cultural history at the University of Leeds, seeks to explain what is going on — and why.

Dr. Kiszely, charts the intellectual course of events that led to the institutional capture we call “The Long March”; from Kierkegaard and Antonio Gramsci to the rise of post-modernism under Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida’s deconstructionists. Features interviews with Prof. Frank Furedi, Calvin Robinson and Inaya Folarin Iman

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