Heresies Ep. 11- Young & Unwoke – The REAL Rebels

Heresies Ep. 11- Young & Unwoke – The REAL Rebels

How do UNwoke young people cope in today’s increasingly woke world?* When their peers, their teachers and their employers embrace critical race and gender theory and other left-wing and cultural marxist beliefs, how do they respond? What hope is there for their futures and indeed for the future of our country and our civilisation? The New Culture Forum proudly presents: “YOUNG & UNWOKE: THE REAL REBELS”, Episode 11 in our acclaimed documentary series.

This episode is written and presented by Harrison Pitt, Assistant Editor at the European Conservative magazine and co-host of the New Culture Forum’s new weekly show: “Deprogrammed”. Harrison is also a graduate student at Cambridge University, where he is pursuing an MPhil in Political Thought & Intellectual History.

Polling has shown that had voting in the 2019 General Election been restricted to those aged 18-24, Jeremy Corbyn would have won an unprecedented landslide election, without a single Conservative MP winning a seat.

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