Helicopteros Sanitarios & Pharm Access Africa – Joint Venture Launch Ceremony – Dec. 2012

We attended an important event on 13th December at the Los Naranjos Golf Club in Marbella where Helicopteros Sanitarios announced the establishment of a joint-venture with Pharm Access Africa Ltd (PAAL) to provide a 24 hour Home Doctor and Emergency Service in Kenya.


Details of this agreement, which is the starting point for Helicopteros Sanitarios international expansion plan, were announced by Helicopteros Sanitarios President María José Cañete Sánchez at a VIP ceremony attended by the PAAL President Mr. Parmindar S. Lotay and Her Excellency the Mayor of Marbella, Mrs. Muñoz Oriol and other guests.


Helicopteros Sanitarios

Since its establishment in 1988, Helicopteros Sanitarios has become the leader in Spain’s Medical Home Care and Emergency Services. It operates with mobile ICU ambulances and medical vehicles containing the most advanced medical equipment. Its helicopters are equipped with leading-edge electro-medical material. The organisation’s staff comprises of over 200 highly qualified operatives who have responded to over 1,196,435 medical emergencies and requests for assistance and in so doing are directly responsible for saving at least 15.000 lives.

Website: Helicopteros Sanitarios



Pharm Access Africa Ltd

Pharm Access Africa Limited (PAAL) was established in 2001 to increase healthcare access to the people in Africa. PAAL activities range across HIV/AIDS related infections and ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy). PAAL provides technical assistance to a number of public and private sector programs, linking these initiatives to major donor organizations and works closely with community groups, civil societies, faith based organizations, development partners and international donors including amongst others, the World Health Organization and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Polio.

Website: PAAL – Africa


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